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24 hour Service

Indus Clinical Laboratories provides 24 Hour Patients Service.

Indus Lab

Is an ISO Certified laboratory, providing pathology services.

Advanced Technology

We have established our laboratory with latest technology.

Access your report in real-time with our web based reporting tools.

About Indus Clinical Laboratories
  • Full Range of Facilities for Laboratory Tests.

    Indus Clinical Laboratories ( Indus Lab ) is a diagnostic center where we offer a full range of facilities for laboratory tests and X-rays.

  • Qualified Doctors

    A team of qualified professionals manages the laboratory and includes Histopathologists, Microbiologist, Hematologist and Radiologist.

  • Quality Management

    We assure our quality by using the latest computerized equipment, hiring qualified technical staff and adhering to strict internal and external quality control measures.

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Quality Management Group

The Quality Management Group (QMG) is responsible for the planning, organization and direction of a quality management system within all divisions of The Indus Clinical Laboratories.

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Diagnosis of Hematological Diseases & Disorders.

Indus Clinical Laboratories (Indus Lab)provides an extensive range of test selection to healthcare professionals by using advanced automated technology, as well as consultative services.